Word & Music Jam @ Radio Beirut: In Pictures

Radio Beirut is a place that loves its artists. And, if you ask me, they love it back. Most nights of the week, there is a show that’s being streamed onto its online radio, live, and is placed in the archives (we had the misfortune of a computer crash that wiped away the recording of our performance, so let this be a lesson: come to the show!). Artists actually make money playing there, and the staff is super-friendly-cool-and-caring. We put the word and music jam together since last year’s with Crystal Hoffman, Boushra Batlouni, and Ghiwa Sayegh, worked out so beautifully at DRM. Radio Beirut hooked us up with a percussionist, ZAD, a surly, nonetheless lovable guy (we love you ZAD!), who played his beats to our writers’ work. Both musician and writer were intent on getting the mood right during rehearsal so that each piece created its own poetic medley of percussion and words. Thanks to the GREAT crowd that showed up and for Lamasat for taking the time to learn about us. You all made it a colorful, fun night. Oh, and sorry this post is a month late! (It’s summer for chrissake.) Please click the title to see the pics.


On the Air!

Friends and fans!

Our Managing Editor, Emma Moughabghab, and our Fiction Editor, Thurayya Zreik, womanning the entrance. Everyone got a free journal with entry. These two made entering even more fun.


Our performers!


Nonfiction editor, Joanna Abillama, reading her poetry from issue one. Zad on percussion.


Muhannad Hariri, who published “Idiomsearch” in issue one reads a new piece.


Boushra Batlouni, issue one’s poetry editor, and current reader, reads her poetry, forthcoming in issue 2. She and Zad made quick friends.


Doyle Avant, AUB creative writing instructor, holds his audience from beginning to end with his piece “Forgetting French, Remembering Frank,” forthcoming in issue 2.


Ghiwa Sayegh, drama editor for issue one, reads a portion of her 7-part poetry series on Istanbul.


The loyalists.


Tariq Mehmoud, telling a story about needing alcohol in Pakistan.