“Memory and Magic”: Launch of RR 2.0!


Every birth is celebrated, with photographs, tearful smiles, and repeated “Congratulations!”

Rusted Radishes’ second issue, “Memory and Magic,” came into this world on November 26, 2013 at Babel Theatre, weighing exactly 300 grams. Our new bundle of joy was toasted with tasty IXSIR, who donated three boxes of wine that kept our hearts warm and merry, and fêted with music (sounds of DJ Lara Ballout) and dancing (or some low-key two-stepping for the less courageous). Lina Mounzer, Doyle Avant, and Dalia Hosn, contributors in the Rusted Radishes second issue, gave original readings especially for the occasion, that held the audience captive (and gave a small taste of what was inside the issue). And Saba Sadr’s artwork, which you can find in issue two, adorned the scene. Jaï’s dishes, stacked high with spring rolls and summer rolls, piled with onion bhajis, and little mounds of vegetable samosas, were gone faster than you could say “what’s a bhaji?” (For the record, it’s a starter that looks like a fried crab and tastes like an Indian dream.)

Thanks again to our sponsors, IXSIR, Jaï, and AUB, and to our faithful enthusiasts, curious newcomers (and even those who came for the food!) for showing up and making the night a wonderful celebration of our new baby, Rusted Radishes: “Memory and Magic.” More than that, thank you for celebrating our team’s brainchild and for the contributions of everyone whose work is showcased in the issue – for celebrating creativity and a growing art and literary community in Beirut.

“Memory and Magic” is designed with artwork by Omar Khouri on the cover – a surreal self-portrait, in fact, amongst his many (check out his work here). Inside, we are honored to have published poetry by Venus Khoury-Ghata translated by eminent poet Marilyn Hacker. As well, the pages are filled with art and writing from AUB faculty and students as well as friends from our very own Beirut and beyond.

You can pick up your copy starting January 6 at Urbanista (Gemmayze), Librairie Antoine, Cafe Younes, PaperCup Bookstore, Dar Bistro, Antz, or Art Lounge. If you are on campus and are an AUB student or faculty member, you may find a copy in your department; if you do not find one, just head over to the Department of English in Fisk 345, and we’ll be happy to hand one over.

Enjoy the pics taken by Rahaf Jammal and Sarah Jaroudy (thank you!).To view more, please LIKE us on Facebook (you can do so from this here Web site) and view our album.

Check out AUB student Loulwa Soweid’s article on the launch in AUB’s Outlook newspaper.

Much love!

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