The VOLUME Project, September 11–20, Beirut


The VOLUME project debuted in November 2013, seeking to explore the role of libraries as grounds for creativity and knowledge, as well as for the formation of criticism and discourse.

In collaboration with 98weeks,  international and local artists, curators and librarians will introduce the public library as a space and a concept, through a series of works, talks, literary writings and instalments.

Events will mainly take place at 98weeks Project Space in Mar Mikhael, as well as in Assabil, Bachoura, and Geitawi Libraries, and in public spaces around Beirut, such as the Horsh Park.

“What is a library after all? Something so vivid and yet so elusive. Something physical and yet conceptual. Container and content. A singular encompassing multitude. Potentially infinite and intrinsically unfinished.”

The VOLUME  project will discuss with the public these questions, through intensive series of events.

Performances will be offered by Mounira Al Solh (LB/NL), Andrew Beccone (US), Pauline Curnier Jardin (FR), Aldis Ellersdóttir Hóff (SE), Per Hüttner (SE/FR), RYBN.ORG (FR), Walid Sadek (LB).

Talk series will be held by Stefanie Baumann, Antoine Boulad (Assabil Association), Jessica Khazrik & Monica Basbous (Ashkal Alwan Library), Marcell Mars, Maud Stephan (Lebanese National Library).

The VOLUME project is a collaboration between Vision Forum, Assabil Association and 98weeks Research Project and is curated by Sara Giannini together with 98weeks.