ISSUE 3: NOSTALGIA/PROGRESS on Sale now in Beirut

Rusted Radishes’s third issue, NOSTALGIA/PROGRESS, is currently on sale at these awesome places throughout Beirut.

Rocket close-up

Kasper Kovitz’s seed rockets. They won’t blow up and kill you; they’ll plant a lovely garden. Check out Kasper’s art and Rusted Radishes’s interview with him in our latest issue.

All AUB faculty, staff, and students can purchase the journal at the discounted price of 10,000LL at the AUB bookstore. Three members of AUB faculty are featured in it: Kasper Kovitz from the Department of Fine Arts, Fouad M. Fouad from the Department of Health Science, and Jana Traboulsi of the Department of Architecture and Design. In addition, you will find prose, poetry, art, and drama composed by AUB students, alum, and writers and artists from around the world. The journal is housed in the Department of English and staffed by students and faculty from various disciplines and designed by students from the Department of Architecture and Design.

We have also just called for our 4th round of submissions! Please see our submission guidelines on our Web site and spread the word! We are especially encouraging translations from Arabic to English this time around…

We thank you for your support of Rusted Radishes and the vibrancy of art and literature in Lebanon. You may follow us on Twitter and Facebook @RustedRadishes.