Rusted Radishes Exhibition at Tawlet, Saturday June 27!

We hope you can join us this Saturday, June 27, between 10-12 at Tawlet in Mar Michayel for a wonderful meeting of the RR community. Tawlet — a restaurant whose kitchen is run by women from all corners of Lebanon who can make you a kibbe nayyeh with their eyes closed — have offered their space to Rusted Radishes for the next two months to exhibit the wonderful work that Rusted Radishes artists and writers have contributed. We have all three issues on hand as well as a wall of etchings to show – and sell – to help raise money for our upcoming issue. And of course there’s breakfast. Tawlet offers a wonderful brunch starting at noon, so if you want to stay on and try out more of its home-cooking, you may make a reservation. In any case, what we really want is for you to come, meet the staff, hang out, and have a good time with a group of artists, writers, friends, and the AUB community.

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