Issue 5 Launch: The Political City!


Launch Date: November 18

Finally! Grab your copy of the latest issue of RR as soon as possible. With yet another successful launch, our most compelling journal is out and about in our much loved Political City.

This time, the spacious Mansion in Zokak Blatt was the perfect, artsy venue and accommodated a great turnout of literature and art lovers, bringing us all together for a night of food, music, and literary readings.

Following an enthusiastic opening by our very own artist and art editor Tanja Van Deer, young writer Nour Annan started off the readings with a touching extract from her short story: “Don’t Go Back to Sleep.” Christie Chouieri and Reem Chalaan made sure not to let the sparks of emotion die down by performing poems (take a look at the pictures to get a gist of it!), followed by a number of music performances by talented singers/guitarists Sima Dardari and Roger Zouein.

This journal is special. Not only because it’s the fifth issue and therefore a milestone-set aside by its unique cover and binding, but also in the sense that it tackles such a deep-rooted topic in our society. The various pieces of art and writing under the umbrella of  “The Political City” will undoubtedly make you think about all that is around us.

We’d like to thank everyone who pitched in to bring this night to life, including former dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Patrick McGreevy, as well as our new dean, Nadia Cheikh; the AUB Department of English; Wael Lazkani and Jai (our amazing caterers); our dedicated RR team; and of course, everyone who attended and indulged in copies of the journal, our beautiful custom made totes, badges, and bookmarks. We can’t wait to hear your feedback, and read your submissions for the next issue.