Staff Bios

Farah Allouch was born and raised in Tripoli, Lebanon, and is studying biology at AUB. She joined RR in October and although the essence of the journal has little to nothing to do with her major, she has always had a passion for the arts, specifically literature. She believes RR is the perfect way for her to invest her book-wormish tendencies.

Leen Bou Nasser Eddine is currently an AUB student who was born and raised in Kuwait where she earned her American High School and Bilingual International Baccalaureate diplomas from the American International School of Kuwait. She is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in English literature, and two diplomas in Media Communication and Secondary Teaching at the American University of Beirut. She is a former staff writer for AUB’s student publication, Outlook. Leen is passionate about literature and art. She is aspiring for a master’s degree in English Literature after graduation.

Christy Choueiri is a poetry editor at Rusted Radishes. Her job consists of reading the poetry submissions that Rusted Radishes receives, deciding which poems are up to the standard that Rusted Radishes has created and preserved, suggesting edits to the poetry submissions, and communicating with the poets about possible edits to their poetry. Christy is also a student studying Economics at the American University of Beirut. She is going for a creative writing minor, and is considering double-majoring in English, for she’s always been passionate about the English language. Christy works alongside her education, for she has tutored several individuals in a diverse array of subjects, and has been a proctor for the SAT’s. Christy has had some of her works published in the Lebanese literary journal, “Rusted Radishes”, and she hopes that her words will continue to inspire people.

Mariam Dabboussi is a second year industrial engineering student at the American University of Beirut. In addition to her nerdy obsessions with programming, logistics and mathematics, she is extremely passionate about cultivating an artistic community in Lebanon and encouraging self expression in the Lebanese community.

Sirine El Labban born and raised in Beirut, is currently an AUB student majoring in graphic design, filled with the need to discover more about her passion. Sirine embraced, from a really young age, art with its various forms, which always mesmerized her, as it constituted an escape plan from a boring reality. Besides design, drawing and painting, Sirine’s daydreaming led her to embark on adventures reflecting her true identity. Whether through tossing impressions and jokes around, singing and humming melodies or wondering between the shelves in a library, Sirine was eager to find the ink materializing her dreams. She pays good attention to details, and believes that true beauty lies more in the process of creating, rather than in the final outcome. She aspires that one day; the Lebanese community will grasp the importance and impact of design and share the craving for perfection.

Stephany Madi  is currently an AUB student pursuing a degree in graphic design and a lover of dark chocolate and furry friends. When she isn’t amidst a plethora of fonts, layouts, and design, she plays rugby on the AUB team or binge-watches food network. Apart from becoming a successful graphic designer, Stephany aims in contributing to create a more lively cultural community in Beirut and travel as much as possible.

Muzna Mughal   is a senior nutrition student at AUB who set foot in Lebanon 2 years ago. Having lived in ten countries so far, yet never experiencing life in her home country; Pakistan, she considers herself a true third culture kid. Being raised in so many different cultures truly gives her an eye for detail and observation. Ever-fascinated by how much of a difference a short plane ride can make, she likes to convert her overflowing mental notes into symbolic watercolor paintings, short poems, and stories.

Salwa Mansour is a first-year graduate student at the American University of Beirut. She has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and is currently majoring in Transnational American Studies. Her research interests include studying the effects of Western capitalism on the representations of eating disorders and their respective symptoms. She aims to pursue a career in writing children’s books that raise awareness of important cultural and political issues.

Emma Moghabghab is a Composition and Rhetoric Instructor as well as the Coordinator of the Writing Center at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. Her research focuses on interdisciplinary analyses of the visual arts and literature, the intersections between media and literary theory, mediation, and the networks of power in poststructuralist literature. Her academic work has appeared in Studies in the Humanities. Her poetry has been published  in Rusted Radishes: The Beirut Literary and Art Journal where she serves on the editorial board as well as in Poetry Pacific.  Her paintings have been exhibited at the UNESCO palace in Beirut.

Sima Qunsol is an aspiring Jordanian writer. She is an undergraduate student at the American University of Beirut, working on a bachelor’s degree in English literature as well as a diploma in media communication and a minor in creative writing. She works as a freelance proof-reader. She is currently in the process of writing her first fictional novel.

Rima Rantisi has taught writing and literature courses at AUB since fall 2007. She received an MA in writing from DePaul University, with a focus in Creative Writing. As a native of Illinois, she began her teaching career in Chicago at Wright College and Columbia College Chicago, respectively. She is the editor and co-founder of Rusted Radishes: Beirut Literary and Art Journal, which publishes artists and writers who have a connection to Lebanon. She is currently an MFA in Writing candidate at the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Saba Sadr is an Iranian-Lebanese fine artist based in Beirut and Los Angeles. She takes joy in intricate details and textures in everything from decrepit urban walls to noise. She aspires to work in the field of Public Practice. Saba enjoys community and collaborative art projects and often tries to capture a social process – the pattern of growth and change in a society over the years – or challenge herself to break away from her conservative norms (and she is counting on a breakthrough someday). Saba’s renditions can be seen on her blogs: Intraweaving ( and Outerweavings (

Nur Turkmani  is the Managing Editor of Rusted Radishes. She handles submissions and community management, in addition to supervising final edits and coordinating editorial activities with the Editor. Nur is a full time Political Studies student at the American University of Beirut.

Tanja Van Deer  is a Lebanese-American artist who sees life as a deep-fried surrealist dream wrapped in bacon. She lets her imagination run on a long-leash and can often be found making art out of food scraps, troll dolls and other such oddities. She is currently a Media Studies graduate student at AUB. Recently, Tanja was awarded a grant by Burning Man for her large-scale interactive art installation. She also won an international competition with Adobe Photoshop where her digital art piece, “I’ve got love handles (but I can’t handle love)”, was hand painted onto a mural in New York.

Farah Rteil  is the Business and Distribution Manager since August 2016. She decided to join the team during a Movie Screening Event held by RR in July 2016. Studying at the American University of Beirut to pursue a Degree in Business Administration; she was first exposed to the Art Culture through working at AUB Art galleries. Besides her passion for the Arts, her love to food is a never ending story!