General Submission Guidelines


Seeking Submissions for Issue 7, our first online issue!


With the generosity of the Center for Arts and Humanities at AUB, we will launch our online journal in November 2018. Writers and artists accepted into this issue will have the pleasure of sharing their work with the world.

For issue 7, we are calling for all themes. As we make our leap into publishing the journal online, we want to ensure that a variety of voices and themes from the Arab world and diaspora are addressed. From there, our editorial team will look to mine the most compelling and consistent themes and iterations.

Housed in the American University of Beirut’s Department of English, Rusted Radishes: Beirut Literary and Art Journal seeks writing and art that is innovative, truthful, risk-taking, and engaged. We have recently broadened our submission base and now welcome submissions from anyone who has a relationship with the Arab world, whether you are from there, have traveled or worked there, or have some other tangible connection with the region. Ultimately, our mission is to provide a home for these writers and artists. We look forward to reading work that illuminates aspects of the human condition in transformative ways.

We seek previously unpublished work.

In addition to our seasoned authors, artists, and translators, many of our authors have been published for the first time by Rusted Radishes. Our mission is to bring their work into the spotlight. This mission is parallel to publishing previously unpublished work, so that we are continually sharing new work to a larger audience.

How to submit your work

Rusted Radishes is published annually. Our reading period for Issue 7, due out fall 2018, is from January 1 to April 1.

To submit, send your work to If you have questions, please send an e-mail to

Any work submitted not in line with these guidelines will not be accepted, and you will be asked to re-submit.

Attachment: Each story, play, creative nonfiction piece, or set of poems should be attached in a separate document in .txt, .doc, .docx, or .rtf form.

Formatting is easy: Simply use a 12 pt font and double-space each prose piece. Please  retain the original aesthetic in your poetry.  Make sure the title of the piece and page number appear in the header of each page.

Multiple submissions are welcome: But check the guidelines specific to your genre for the maximum allowance. Please note that any combination of genres consistent with individual guidelines is welcome.

Name each submission ‘title_genre’: Please include your full name and e-mail address (from which you sent your submission) on the top of the first page of the actual submission file.

Bio: Please provide a brief bio that does not exceed 100 words and is written in the 3rd person. Please indicate whether you are a student, faculty or alum of AUB; your connection to the Arab world; your submission titles (with word-counts if prose); and your contact details. We reserve the right to edit your bio for syntax and grammatical correctness.

Genre Guidelines


We seek high-quality literary fiction, and are happy to read stories with both traditional and experimental forms and subjects. We will consider flash fiction (350-1000 words) and short stories (1000-5000 words). Send up to three stories.


We seek poetry that reflects, creates, destroys and rebuilds. The writing has to be layered in its images, content, presence and creativity. Build a world involving, but not limited to, your humanity and non-humanity, filled with your otherness and compiled with your own conflicting perspectives in different voices. Avoid standard rhyme schemes, experiment with your poetry, but make it accessible. Send 3-5 poems in a single document.


We seek creative nonfiction that is art, not reportage or diary, and that is engaging, honest, and original. The voice should be strong and deliver fresh insights that reach beyond the personal and connect with the universal human experience. All styles and approaches are accepted, be they flash nonfiction, personal essay, immersion journalism, or memoir excerpts. Word limit is 5000 words. Send up to three essays.


We seek plays (one-acts and full-length pieces, translations, and adaptations) that take advantage of and/or subvert theatrical conventions.

Theater is not television.
Theater is not cinema.
Theater is theater.

A written play alone does not constitute theater; it is only a small part of it. We hold that plays are, by nature, incomplete on the page. With this in mind, our goal is to inspire people to perform the works we publish.


We primarily are looking for translations from Arabic to English, but also accept translations from English to Arabic. Please provide both versions when submitting.


We are looking for striking, skillfully rendered artistic work that has impact and originality. We welcome all styles and subjects and are open to craft of any variety, be it digital art, photography, painting, ceramics or other. Non-digital work should be scanned or photographed into digital files and, if possible, color corrected. All work should be exactly 300 DPI. Each submission should be attached as .pdf, .eps, .jpeg, or .tiff and should not exceed 5 MB in size. You may send up to 5 pieces of work. Please follow the guidelines above where appropriate.